BP since I was diagnosed has been a sore spot in my life. My previous Dr. kept increasing the medication, & the nurses in his office were NOT taking my bp properly. I kid you not! You do not take bp when standing, or extending your arm. The cuff hardly felt as though it was squeezing my arm, or it was cutting off the circulation.
I went back to my former Dr... things were 'ok', but he wanted to try me on Valsartan because I've been complaining of a cough, but I've have the cough before even starting on an ACE. I trust this Dr. implicitly & will do as he asks. I've been on the Valsartan 160/12.5 for about 2 1/2 weeks, & dont truly know if its working to lower the bp or not because I'm not sure if my monitor is accurate.
I don't know what do to anymore.