I have suffered from anxiety on and off for the last 8 years. I've been on Celexa in the past but has caused a lot of weight gain and cannot seem to take off the weight since I also have thyroid disease (the slowest one you can have. I normally take it for a year or so and make my dr. wean me off of it and then im OK for a couple of years and bam the anxiety returns. This time was a little different as I was very depressed, want to cry for no reason at all. I can even watch movies because I get emotional so this time my dr recommended Bupropion 150mg, She feels that my depression is the one causing the anxiety. I was on it for 4 weeks and although the anxiety had gotten a little better it is still kind of there, mild but there and I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. So after the 4 weeks dr upped the dose to 300 mg, Ive been on this dose for 1 week now and still feel that mild anxiety, dr says it's normal since the dose was increased. My question is, how long do I wait before I will know if this medication is working or right for me or not? Help, please. I am so tired of feeling this way.