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How long does everything go back to normal after taking plan b step one?

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LousArk 24 Mar 2015

I don't handle it that well, so get hormonal side effects for a good 2 weeks, during which time I feel really badly depressed.

Depending on where I am in my cycle when I use it (haven't done for about a year or so), I can get v heavy bleeding after taking it, which can be full of a clear mucus & come with very severe pain in my back, cramps, nausea etc. My period is then between a week & 3 weeks late (that was the longest it ever took to get my next period).

My next period was pretty unpredictable. It could be much heavier than usual, or much lighter.

They're not even 100% certain how the drug works (whether it delays ovulation and prevents implantation, or whether it just delays ovulation), so I think it's fair to say that everybody has different experiences with Plan B, & even the manufacturers don't guarantee what each individual will experience.

Hope that helps,
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