... nerve pain especially in my right leg, a L4 & L5 disc herniation along with severe radiculopathy pain with numbness. My feet become numb and I can't hardly walk at that moment, Ihave also had 23 nerve block injections in the last five years. I am having one tomorrow. They don't last if a week sometimes. I had been on Gabapentin 300mg for the last five years. My pain management doctor put me on Lyrica 50mg two weeks ago. I am now in severe pain through-out the night every night. can't even get good sleep. Pharmacist states I should have some relief. I feel I should have stayed on the Gabapentin. Does anyone take the higher dose of Gabapentin goes up to 1200mg. My doctor won't increase the dosage and it worked. I'm so tired of hurting. I am on Percocets with a muscle relaxer that sucks Titzanine. I have been given Tramadol, with 500mg Tylenol and a muscle relaxer that darn Tramadol is a joke. What is the best medication to take. I wish I could take none. Is there a better way to get relief?