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How long was anyone on Pristiq before they felt any improvement and at what dosage?

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chuck1957 9 Feb 2017

Shaunando; In most cases, the dose is 150 or higher and to reach the peak blood level it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get to the full benefit of this medication this is just a good guess of what it does for most people but not everyone is the same. Good luck talk with your doctor and go from there.

Shaunando 10 Feb 2017

Thanks, Chuck1957. Basically that's what my psychiatrist said to me too. I start 150mg next week so hopefully that will slowly start working for me over the next month. I'm on 100mg at the moment and been on it for 3 weeks now and has done nothing for my anxiety and depression yet so that's why I put the question out there. Cheers.

chuck1957 10 Feb 2017

Shaun; Don't worry at this point that is very normal but anytime now you could start to feel better you have gotten thru the worst part which is the first 2 weeks when it can even make you feel worse so little by little now you should start to feel some of the begging effects of this to kick in Best to you

sovereign_72 21 Feb 2017

Hi Shaun. I totally agree with Chuck. I worked my way from 50mg to 200mg over the course of about 2 or 3 months and steadily felt better with each dose. Trust your psychiatrist and stay the course. I found that I would roller coast a little bit during and between doses and sometimes the medication can take up to 6 months or so before you feel the full effects. For me I felt better after a few weeks and was noticing the odd moments of "sunshine" in my life but now I experience prolonged periods of sunshine but also, even on the the dark dark days, I have hope and belief that there will be more sunshine ahead. Stay hopeful my friend... you WILL get there and things WILL get better!

Shaunando 26 Feb 2017

Thanks for your responses everyone. I'm gonna stick it out on the 150mg of pristiq for the full 6 weeks and see how I go. I just hate the roller coaster ride, I had a week of being "semi-normal" and now I'm back to being anxious and depressed. I've never had to wait this long for drugs to work for me so it's a new experience.

Lesley58 1 May 2017

I too am on pristique and have found it helpful but I'm really responding to this as I was feeling down and found the group . Does anyone know of any other useful groups where people discuss depression ?

chuck1957 1 May 2017

Lesley 2 ways, You can join the support group that people talk over the problems you can find it by typing the name of the drug in the search bar at the top of the page then follow it down until you find the support group. Also just type in the Google support groups for Depression. Just remember you must keep an open mind I have found that sometimes they can help other times you just hear all the horror stories from Negative people. And they only post when there down and out. learn how to filter and skip those ones.

Lesley58 1 May 2017

Thank you Chuck . I found what looks like an 'upbeat positive ' group fairly near me who meet fortnightly . I will give it a go . free discount card

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