I had taken Celexa 10mg for mild depression and anxiety for 14 days but it increased my anxiety so much that my doctor switched me to Zoloft 25mg. Today will be my third day of Zoloft. So, all together I have been on an SSRI for 17 days. She also prescribed me .25mg of Klonopin to take twice a day or as needed for anxiety attacks. I still feel a little edgy and am having completely irrational fears. Everytime I feel a cramp I immediately think I'm going to die, etc. my doctor says my heart is healthy and all blood work has came back normal as far as I know. My blood pressure is always high when I go to the doctor but they always check it again and it comes down. Is this nerves? My pulse is also usually between 90-120. Is this nerves? I'm not having any shortness of breath. The side effects I am currently experiencing are increased thirst/dry mouth. Occasional racing heart beat, shakiness when I first wake up but subsides after I eat, and slight anxiety. Is this normal this far in the game? If so, how long until I start feeling "normal"? Any and all advice is much appreciated!!!