I am more concerned with the mental effects of this allergic reaction more so than the rash and swelling. Whatever meds used in stellate ganglion block (dr. states he did not use steriods?), definately caused a reaction. I am 100% sure it caused me to feel "wigged"out, but after first few days it's now settled into a depth of depression/anxiety that I rarely have felt. I hope it's only temporary, i cannot think straight, feel so sleepy I almost pulled off the road driving home from work yesterday. I am very interested in hearing from others that have had unusual reactions to things that shouldn't cause them? A large rash from my chin down to my mid chest and over to each shoulder from Stellate Ganglion Block is apparently "unheard" of? It's 9 days now, but it is getting better, it's the HEAD I'm really worried about!!! Thank you to everyone!!!