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How long does albenza start to take effect?

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kaismama 10 Sep 2013

It starts working with the first pill.

vcmartin0401 13 Sep 2015

I read that it takes around five to seven days. I picked up my prescription yesturday and took it then as well. Itching is better today but not completely gone. Albenza works by preventing the worms from taking in glucose which is how they survive and they eventually die out from not being able to get sustenance from it. It doesn't work immediately, they will slowly die so you just have to wait a few days and stay in contact with a doctor. It will also help to eat less sugar in your diet for about a week.

2k17godmode 22 Nov 2016

Thank you so much for this! I took my first dose yesterday 2 pills (400mg) and I take my next in 2 weeks.(prescribed by doctor) I have been cleaning my butt off and washing clothes and bed sheets showering in the morning. I took my first dose yesterday and just like you said. Itching was a lot better but I felt a small tickle and went to look and sure enough there was one. so I'm glad you posted this, it really worried me. So thanks again

RainyD1223 2 Aug 2018

I took mine on the 28th of July and i still feel a little itching on the 2nd of August. So it's working for sure but i dont think it's done free discount card

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