Was taking MS Contin (60mg ER, x3, and Norco 10-325 x3 daily) for 2+ years. PM Dr. Wouldn't change drugs, instead would just up my dose, up up up.. The morphine all but STOPPED helping to manage my pain, however, what it DID "manage" to do was induce a zombie like state.. Ending dosage was MS Contin ER 90x3, Norco 10-325 x6 daily.. Needless to say, I stopped seeing that Dr...
I live in a small MW town, was driving 4 hrs total for my monthly visits.. Two and a half mos. later, pain was again an 8, on ave. I FINALLY find new, local Dr. that would treat my pain..
I said no to morphine, so she starts me out at Norco 10-325 x10 daily.. I was taking this med, at this dose, for nearly 18 months prior to the MS Contin..
In summary, the Norco worked for almost a week, then caput... Is it possible I still have a large tolerance against Norco? IF so, would that be due to the large amounts that I have taken of THIS particular drug in the past? Or due to an overall tolerance owed to all the opioids I've had to take (in high doses) over the years???
Thank you in advance,
Joe Satriani