Some where in the area of 2 bottles 400mg count 28 I received a call from the care coordinator, and she said I was negative. Then she said I had another bottle come in. Anyway I have had nothing but problems. After taking another bottle I noticed that I had pain in the region of my gallblader. I went for a scan, and was told to go to the hospital, next thing they did was an ultrasound. The the Doctor/surgery team said that my gallblader was so thick that they underestimated how many stones, and how serious the infection was. I went through hell. Between nursing saying most people walk out the next day, which made me think I could do the same-day deal. I wish they wouldn't say anything. I remember saying something is wrong to the nurse, Finally they got the antibiotics right, but I still was dealing with boughts of pain. I finally was able to come home, but the morning nurse couldn't get that right. I confronted her and told her that she needs to slow down on assuming, and get the facts. Anyway sorry for the rant about staff. I told the doctor about the fact that that Harvoni could have caused this. It's been 8 days and I still have pain. Going for a scan soon if it doesn't stop. Thankfully Roger