Hi, I am the mother of a 23 year old daughter that has delusions and sometime sessions of mania. She is mentally handicapped (functions about six years old) and she was originally diagnosed as PTSD psychosis, but I don't think it is correct. She started delusions a couple years after being the victim of a violent crime, but from what I have been reading she seems to fit more into paranoid schizophrenia. We tried ALL kinds of meds and they caused her to start shop lifting and would make her go right into horribly violent delusions every time she was upset. I got her off everything but prazosin (for night terrors) and paxil by putting her on niacin therapy. It was working great, but we reduced the amount when she had a lot of fatigue (turned out to be an abscessed tooth) and even though we are back to her original level of niacin it has been a nightmare!!!

She became manic six days ago and after a couple days I simply was unsure what to do so I gave in and accepted a prescription for a psych med. She was given Saphris because it was fast acting and she was in a mania. I can honestly say with all the things we have tried it seems to be working better, but it has only been 3 doses at 10mg. She was manic yesterday and I had to give it to her before bed time, so she ended up not sleeping most of the night after napping in the afternoon. She is still delusional and I was wondering what others experiences where as to when the delusions will end? Her appetite seems to be up and down, is this normal? She is sleepy and then super alert even many hours after taking the med, and I was wondering if that evens out? Also her med manager said with extended use it is highly likely she will have to have her thyroid removed??? Really?