Hello all, I had my son at 23 years old in Nov 09 & by the end of Dec my OB put in my 1st IUD (5yr). In June 2010 I had my new doctor remove the "tangled" IUD as it was causing me awful pains. He assured me that he could do it right & to get Mirena again, so I did. Long story short that tangled one was also removed & I against my better judgement had a 3rd IUD implanted. Which was MY biggest mistake. Third time was NOT the charm. In June 2011 I had my final IUD removed, after being sent to a bigger hospital an hour & a half from home to find & remove the IUD. Since then I have not been able to get pregnant. My doctor has assured me that he sees no tears or scaring. However now at 28 with a 4 year old we would love to have one more child. It is sad & frustrating that every so often I am late on my period & have all the signs of being pregnant but test negative. Then a day later begin my cycle.
Sorry for the long post. I would love to hear comments, feedback, similar stories any kind of advice. Nothing rude please as I am aware I should have probably said no to Mirena after the first time but shoulda-coulda-woulda is not helpful now.
Thank you!