Okay here is how it goes, sorry i might get graphic --- okay, i got my period september 22nd and it was normal flow, it started slowing down on the 23rd and then it went little spotting to nothing on the 24th so it like went away, then on the 25th it came on heavy again, then it was completely gone on the 27th. I got the mirena inserted on October 1st, (with out being on my period) my OBGYN told me to wait 1 week to let the IUD get settled into my uterus ... fine no problem, well i started reading up on other peoples post, and it said that it can take up to 1 month before bein completely covered. so i emailed my obgyn via email that goes thru the company and she told me after i questioned her about it and she tells me use back up birth control for 1 month to be on the safe side, now here is my question.. its an IUD its shaped as a T -- correct me if im wrong.. but since it cuts off by my fallopen tubes, isnt it supposed to stop the seman from going into my tubes to fertilize an egg? seriously? so why would she tell me to wait a week to wait for it to settle in my uterus ( its been a week today ) but use back up birth control for the next month, thats rediculas, and ITS NOT A CHEAP birth control, why wouldnt i be protected right away... can somebody give me some input on this??? like im confused. i dislike condoms * i know im not the only girl that this happens too, but the rubbery smell is enough to gross me out... and i dont like smelling like that after words, before i get into the shower * so thats why i chose to BUY A GOOD BIRTHCONTORL hence the IUD mirena, and now i have to suffer an extra month with these dang things??? i thought it was supposed to protect me right away, so i get told wait a week, fine no biggie... now i got to use these damn things for another month... okay so now, the strings they are not like yarn okay, they are semi- sharp, i felt them... what if he uses condoms, dont u think that the STRINGS will puncture a hole thru the condom?? seriously.. doesnt any one else think of this stuff... -- okay i wrote enough... input sisters??? lol