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How long for adderol to be out of ur system?

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Inactive 28 Oct 2012

Hello jennie. It truly varies from one individual to another. Possibly anywhere from two to four days time. Even a bit longer. Regards pledge

Danni926 29 Oct 2012

hi all... you can take this for what it is worth, and it's not my intent to offend anyone... if this doesn't apply to you personally, then you will not be offended, anyway... it makes me angry when i read these types of questions posted in the adderall forums... for one thing, it's ADDERALL, not 'adderol'... misspelling of the drug name is usually a pretty good red flag that a person is taking a drug to which he or she was NOT prescribed by a physician... i imagine most of these questions, the "how long will it be in my system, bloodstream" questions, are posted by the young and naive/DUMB... i am an adult who is legally prescribed adderall and have taken it with success for over a year now, and speak and visit with my physician regularly and make adjustments if it's in order... adderall often gets a bad rap due to illegal use (buying/selling) of this drug, college kids abusing it for exam cramming, etc., and reading a post like this tells me some DOPE took a powerful controlled substance illegally and is now fearful of failing a drug test... how about you ask google instead, or wikipedia, or WebMD... i enjoy this website and it has been a great resource... i have met some really awesome people, and i know this website's intent is to share information and experience with each other, NOT in any way, shape or form enable or condone illegal drug use... please stop bugging forums/medicine communities with your desperate, crunch time drug questions... for those of you that are at least smart enough to ask BEFORE you take the drug, congratz, you are not as stupid and there may be hope for you. free discount card

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