My father passed away about a month ago. My mother and sister are both taking medications to help deal with the anxiety, depression, and to help them sleep. I am a Christian and believe God helps, not meds, so I did not seek a counselor or get on medications. But shortly after he passed, I was very sad and depressed and for 2 nights straight I took my mothers Prozac & Klonopin. It was about 2 1/2-3 weeks ago, and it was only those 2 nights. Well I just got hired at a hospital as an RN and had my drug test. I wasn't worried at all because I don't do drugs or anything, but when I was reading the "no drug policy" I saw that they test for those drugs... I tried looking it up online but I see anywhere for 7-10 days to it can be in my system up to a few months... I am freaking out now that I might lose the job from taking these pills for 2 nights. Will taking them for 2 days really stay in my system for 3 weeks?