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How long does it take for promethizine syrup to leave your system?

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Lftm puffer 12 Jun 2012

From what I know about that syrup it contains codeine as well as the promethazine or phenerghan which is the brand name. Phenerghan is also an active ingredient in Mepreghan which contains Meperdine a potent pain killer along with it. Not sure the tests check for the promethazine but meperdine shows up in urine for approximately 7 days & codeine for around 5. My mom has been a nurse for over 35 years & says the promethazine has a long half- life which means a portion of the driug hangs around in your system even after the effects are long gone. This is similar to what valium & several types of drugs on the market do. Depending on your metabolism, weight, amount used, etc., i would have to say approximately 7 to 10 days to be safe if it is urine, but the codeine is more likely to show up if it is testing that concerns you. free discount card

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