... (drs advice)
the end of this month i am going on holiday/vacation though so i wanted to try and delay my period this month for a week or so (on the pill) .. that way I don't get them while i am on holiday. I don't plan on going back onto active pills this month.. but will do so if it means delaying the next period (holiday)

So, my period was due march 5th... on march 4th i had a little bit of brown spotting.. march 5th to march 8th i had red spotting/light bleeding on and off. at some times it would totally go away and for a couple of hours during the day i would bleed lightly..it was really weird. Well march 9th (yesterday) i had no spotting at all. and today (2 days off loette) i have woken up cramping, bleeding, regular heavy horrible period.

Now if i don't go back onto the pill at all - when will my next period be? April 2nd which is when I was due to get them from March 5th... or would it be more like April 8th which is 28 days from today???