I'm 25 years old. First time on birth control pills. I took the pills a week before my period. Nov 6th. My scheduled period is Nov 14th. I missed it, it's now Nov 19th. Still no period. Which was fine at first til I decided to walk home from an 8 hour shift at work. That was when I felt pain in my knees. Wearing the wrong shoes.
The throbbing pain moved down to my calf. On one leg. The pain should have gone away since i don't walk home anymore. The pain I had for a solid week. Still hurting now as we speak.
Never thought it could have been the pills the whole time. Looked at the side effects page on my instructions and it said, "pain in calf, trouble sleeping, mood changes, shortness of breath (possible blood clot in lungs or leg)" call doctor immediately.
I'm like wait. I have a possible blood clot this whole time! But I've only been on it for two weeks!! Usually it would happen 3 months down the line at least! I'm about to get married on the 27th! I cant stop taking them now! It can't be because of my Synthroid...
I'll have a speak with my doctor Monday, which he insisted i stop for a while til he gets to the bottom of this... ugh.
just asking if anyone else experienced this?
I want to risk it when it possibly isn't a blood clot at all and change my shoes and wear compressions on my knees and calf... but i have a husband to think about...