I'm 17 years old I first started Loestrin 24 On March 20, 2013. I was having a period every 9 days. They lasted 7 days... Talk about painful. I am sexual active with my boyfriend. I take my pill everyday. Sometimes I don't have them with me. I usually take it at around 8am but there have been a few days I've taken them no later than 6pm. The first month (march) I got off my period the day I started the pill, the 20th. Then started again on March 9 and ended April 2. Then had spotting April 12,13 and 14... Could i possible be pregnant? My boyfriend left out of town April 14 and we had intercourse the night before? is there a possiability I could be and should take a test or is the spotting normal for the second month? please advice would be lovely!