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Loestrin 24 Fe - Is it normal to have one day of light spotting around the time for my normal period

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Inactive 20 May 2012

Yes, that is ok to have one day of spotting while on birth control pills. That is why they are used to treat heavy cycles and irregular cycles. If you took them all correctly and didn't miss any, you should be fine. If you missed one or more, it will sometimes make you spot here and there. It takes about 3 months for the body to adjust completely to birth control pills and during that time, any of the first trimester pregnancy symptoms may also show up, that does NOT mean someone is pregnant, it is the body still trying to adjust. DzooBaby is our specialist in this area of questions. As long as you have not missed active pills and then had unprotected sex, you should be fine. I used to skip cycles entirely, randomy, throughout my taking of Birth control pills, and was never pregnant. It just happens to some girls. Patti free discount card

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