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Loestrin 24 Fe- How can I know that its really working and I won't end up being pregnant?

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DzooBaby 12 Jul 2011

If you take your pills every day without missing any days, preferably around the same time each day, and be sure if you are given an antibiotic that you use a back up method, like a condom, the whole time you are on the antibiotic and for at least a week after you finish the last antibiotic pill, then you should not become pregnant. There is no way to really "tell" it is working. There are no signs to tell you that it is working, you just have to trust that if you take it, it is working. It is about 99% effective when taken exactly as it should be, meaning every day, and around the same time, and taking precautions when taking other meds that can interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills. Antibiotics are most notorious for interfering with the pill but there are others. You can always ask your pharmacist before starting a medication, if it will interfere with your birth control. It is scary not to be able to "see" or "tell" it is working, I know. But it is one of the most effective forms of birth control available. It is nearly as effective as sterilization (tubal ligation) when taken in the most effective way (by not missing pills, taking same time of day etc) Sorry that I dont have a better answer for you than that! It is just a matter you have to trust and take exactly as directed. It gets easier the longer you take it and see that you dont become pregnant. Good Luck and stay diligent!

newto_m 14 Jul 2011

Thank You Dzoobaby, for your time and for your answer. It help me a lot and you gave me a good advice aswell.. = ) free discount card

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