This pill has been great the first 4 months, now suddenly everything is falling apart. I have heavy bleeding my 2nd week -3 week into the 4th pack, I have cramps that hurt so bad I wake up in the middle of the night from them and can't sleep and it's hard to stand. I had a uti a few weeks ago and was on macrobid for like 5 days, I didn't know you're supposed to use a back up method so I had unprotected sex the whole time... then April 18th I had a respiratory infection and got put on benzonatate for a week and still had unprotected sex because no one told me to use condoms I wasn't thinking ..and now I'm better and I'm not on any antibiotic but are the antibiotics why my period regulation is all messed up is that why I'm bleeding, or am I pregnant? Miscarrying? Please someone help. I don't go to the gyno till Monday and I'm desperate.