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I'm on loestrin 20 and I missed one pill an took it late the next, could I be pregnant?

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DzooBaby 4 Sep 2013

You need to use back up condoms until you have taken seven consecutive days of active pills otheriwise you could become pregnant. Missing one pill only reduces effectiveness slightly if you make it up as soon as you remember. Just to be sure, use the back up condoms for seven days.

Casper98 4 Sep 2013

Thank you for answering me, do you think I have a high chance of becoming pregnant?

DzooBaby 4 Sep 2013

There is a chance. I wouldnt say it is a high chance but it is possible. this is why you should use back up protection. Do NOT get Plan b though. You dont need Plan b when you are on the Pill. You will likely be fine if you use back up or abstain for the next seven days. free discount card

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