I started taking lolo birth control pills January 10th, 2016. Its now March 29th and I haven't really gotten a period since I started. I'm on the last week of the third package now. I'm not currently sexually active. The last time I had sex was February 13th and it was protected, and I was also on the pill then as well. The first month I started taking the pill my period was really weird, I had brown discharge and then some days I would bleed quite a bit. Since then, last month, and this month I've just been experiencing a week or so of brown discharge with a little bit of blood. I take the pill at the same time every day, I have a reminder on my phone. I may have been an hour or 2 late maybe 2 days out of my 3 months taking the pill so far but I never completely missed one. Is this normal? I'm getting worried.