Hello all,

I am 23 and have been on birth control for about 7 years. I just recently switched from a 35 mg pill that I had been taking consistently for about a year now, and my gyno told me there was no way I should be taking more than 10 mg. I am not sure if this just comes with the territory of switching pills, but I just feel, off? I don't know how else to describe it.

I hadn't seen my boyfriend in about a week, and when I did, I was almost mad at him? I feel anxious and moody, maybe even a little depressed. I cried over traffic the other day, when I was otherwise feeling totally fine.

I am also noticing that my body just doesn't feel right, and I am getting acne on my face in places where I have never had it before (its not horrible, and I am assuming that my body is just adjusting to the changes, not thinking this is a permanent side effect)

Is this normal?? Has anyone else experienced this sort of feeling, I am just beginning the third week of my blue pills, so I am VERY new to the pill, just have never really felt like this before.

Let me know! Thanks!