i have been on this BC for almost a year (1 month shy) and a few times i have skipped my period. (every couple months it would happen). My period on this pill has been very short and light when i do have it. No tampon necessary, just a light liner is sufficient.
This past month i skipped it again. I was camping at a festival when i was supposed to get it so it was actually quite nice and i didnt think anything of it since this has been happening every few months on this BC. Then about half way thought the next pack i started spotting.
The spotting has been consistent for almost two weeks. (i had 2 days with nothing Halloween weekend) now i am back to spotting & my regular cycle will be starting in 2 days. I have also had some diarrhea (which has always been a problem for me).
On a previous BC (the kind where you get your period every 3 months) i had trouble with spotting after about a year, it happen for almost 3 months, but i was going though a lot of personal emotional changes and thought that may have been a factor. I ended up going off it, didnt take anything for a while & then began this pill.
I am not sure if i should stay on this or go with another method all together. Any idea what could be causing this? I do like this BC, most others cause acne on my chin and this only does sometimes. But i would love for the spotting to end and free it will continue for months again.