... Lolo for a little under a month now. I have never been on birth control before, and the only reason I began taking BC at all was because I did not want to deal with getting my period as long/often. I usually get it for 5 days (give or take a 1/2 day) about every 30-33 days, and I get some pain etc. with it. I'm an athlete, so its not very convenient. My doctor prescribed Lolo because she said I could safely 'stack' it and that it would give me less spotting etc than Seasonale, suggesting I do three packs (skip the placebo and period pills form the first two, then take them on the third, restart this) but I havent even made it to the end of my first pack, and I've been bleeding heavily for 5 days, worse than my normal periods with more blood, more cramping, nausea (which I don't usually get), and a lot more bloating (i usually only get a little), and it doesn't show any of the usual signs of stopping. I have a big event coming up and I cant be going through this when it does. If anybody could suggest something to STOP the bleeding for now, I'd really appreciate it. I can't get in to see my doctor for a couple days. I know that Lolo is a low-dose BC, and those can be more common to get breakthrough bleeding, but since I'm not on BC for contraceptive reasons, just to minimize the time and how annoying (for lack of better word) my period is, this is really frustrating. If anybody could recommend a BC they've had a good experience with (and successfully stacked at least once) or just never gotten this type of thing happening to them while on it, I'd love the recommendation, since clearly my doctors rec. isn't panning out. I always take the pill at the same time each day (give or take 5 minutes), and I haven't missed any. The pill also gives me some nausea, but I expected this while adjusting to it.
My first concern is to stop the bleeding I'm going through ASAP. Next concern is making sure it doesn't happen again.
This is NOT light bleeding or spotting. This is bleeding that is heavier and more painful than my normal periods before starting on BC, and other than the fact that its basically worse, it is exactly similar to a period.
If I begin taking the placebo and pills that give you your period, will the period end when I return to the blue pills after? Or should I stick with the order of the pack?