Hi all! I had a question, for the past couple of months (since late September) my doctor has had me on Norco 7.5/325 for Lordosis in my cervical vertebrae (recently upped to 10/325). As you know, this has tylenol in the formula. I never take more than 1000 mg of Tylenol in these pills at a time (usually to control the pain I take 2 of the pills equaling 650 mg of tylenol per day). I take this medicine nearly daily unless I'm planning on drinking alcohol. If I drink alcohol during the day I do not take the medication b/c I don't want to chance the liver risk. I always allow 12 hours between taking the Norco and ingesting alcohol (per a pharmacist that I spoke to). My question is if I have taken the medicine for this long (almost 4 months, close to daily) but I have never exceeded the recommended daily dose of tylenol (not even close!) and have never drank alcohol and tylenol together in the same 12+ hours am I at risk for chronic liver damage or disease? I freak out about all of the little symptoms:
1) I have had an intense sweet craving the past couple days (sometimes they say this is related to liver damage, I thought of attributing this to the fact that I had two giant cokes (normally I drink the mini cokes) the past couple of mornings, so I have messed up my blood sugar for the day, forcing me to crave more sugar. I have had problems with hypoglycemia (non-liver disease related) but I don't usually crave sugar unless it is in the form of Coca Cola :p).
2) I have had pale stools gross I know sorry! (yellowish/orange/light brown, I also have GERD and I know this is one of the symptoms of that.)
3) Other than that, I haven't really had any other symptoms of liver damage. My skin gets itchy sometimes but that's only as a side effect when I take the narcotics. I rarely get nauseous and never vomit. My skins is normal colored and my eyes are white as egg shells (not jaundiced). I do get tired a lot but I have a very demanding schedule which I believe causes this.

My question is: Anyone who knows anything about tylenol and how it interacts with the body in this way please let me know if you think my behaviors have caused damage to my body? Please please help & no judgment! <3