... ago. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound which showed several very small gallstones (no blockage and no inflammation) and an 11mm lesion on my liver. It was advised that I have a cat scan. The results of this are:
There is small hypodense lesion in the portal venous phase in the segment 8 adjacent to the right hepatic vein measuring approximately 11mm
In the five minute delayed phase of the study it is no longer separately identified from the adjacent liver parenchyma.
Conclusion: there is poorly defined hypodensity in segment 8 of the liver anterior to the right hepatic vein. It did not demonstrate typical features of hemangioma. It is probably too small to characterise by ct. followed ultrasound scan would be of value to ensure stability of lesion.
Today I went to see the surgeon I was referred to. All he said was "you need your gallbladder removed" when the intern asked him about the lesion he said that it's almost always benign and we shouldn't be pedantic. We can have a look during surgery if we think about it.
My question is, if it was gallstones would it be constant pressure and discomfort under my ribs? (Not bad pain just uncomfortable) and is he right to not be concerned about the lesion? He was not approachable and I'm not sure I really need my gallbladder removed. I'm more concerned about being sure the lesion is nothing serious. If anyone can offer advice please do. My GP is away for 2 weeks and I have no idea what's the best choice I should make