My boyfriend was told two years ago that he had cirrhosis of the liver. At that time he was hospitalized and had fluid drained because of ascites, he also had a blood transfusion. The doctor told me his liver was shot and unless he had a liver transplant he would die. He never had the liver biopsy and continued to drink. It is now two years later and he was hospitalized once again but this time he was unconscious because of drinking excessively. In the past two years he has never had to have his stomach drained, he did have slight swelling of his feet.. They were going to do a biopsy this time but after doing two ultrasounds and an MRI they are saying his liver is fine? Blood work also shows liver enzymes are normal? I am so confused as to what is going on, is it possible the first doctor was wrong? The last two years have been a living nightmare and I became very depressed thinking I was going to loose him. A part of me wants to be happy and believe this but another tells me not to get my hopes up. Has anyone on here ever experienced this, is it possible his liver has healed itself even though he still drank? I was told the only way to verify cirrhosis is through a liver biopsy, can they really tell from MRI's and ultra sounds? I did allot of praying at that time and just maybe those prayers were answered? He has now been clean for about four months and is in a rehab facility, he also has MS so they are working on getting him more mobile again. Any feed back would be appreciated and my heart goes out to all of you who are going through this!