I'm at my wit's end. I am not in H.E. stage yet. I have a living donor, but my specialist wouldn't put ne on the "list" due to misinformation from the hospital. It's a lengthy ordeal to tell it all here, I'm unable to eat almost anywhere now. I don't eat meat because I can't digest the protein. In May, 2016 I became unable to process milk, yogurt and now the "Ensure" supplement drinks. I can't pass any of it. I also have a HUGE problem with trapped gas. Being unable to eat for fear of not being able to move my bowels is a a tremendously worrisome problem. Fruits and veggies are a no no because of the gas. Can anyone me? Is anyone this bad? I am beginning to suspect this may not be related to my liver but my colon. If it helps, my meld score was 17 two.months ago. Any insight is very much appreciated. I'm new here and look forward to hopefully getting to know some of you. Thanks again!