... went through treatments and became hepatitis c negative. But he still had cirrosues of the liver. He did good off and on with having a few aphasajil vary c. (Sp) banded. My mom left him in 2013 he went on a bad drinking binge. They got back together April of 2014. He quit drinking and was doing okay. In June or July of 2014 he got diagnosed with liver cancer the found a spot on his liver and put him through radioactive treatment with the beads straight into his liver with a stint that blocked everything off and a stint to put them in through his groin. In 3 months he went back and it was gone with no signs of regrowth. He is supposed to have ultrasounds every 6 months and was going regularly until In August of 2015 my mom passed from copd complications that led to a heart attack. He found her. Since then I believe my dad has just given up went back to a few recreational drug use/drinking occasionally since she passed. Four months ago he has HAD to have fluid drained off of his stomach once a month. I took him two weeks ago and they drained 9 liters off. I talk with him today and he is extended out again and it's hard for him to breath. He sleeps ALOT is sometimes confused. I don't really know a lot or what to do I have two children of my own that I may raising and am just not sure what to do... with only loosing my mom a year ago it's still so fresh and I do think know how much longer I have with him. Thanks any advice is helpful