... & have been diagnosed with GAD, ADD, PTSD & mild to moderate depression. I've tried countless combinations of various SSRI's, ADD & anxiety/panic medications that after 25 yrs have found the right meds that work well for me, the only med I find helpful to switch every 3 months to a similar drug in the same class of drug, because my body develops a tolerance and physical dependence to it, but is the only one medication that is most helpful & works the best at managing my anxiety & eliminates my panic attacks altogether, the medications that when I take on a daily basis help me immensely are celexa 20mg daily, Xanax 2mg 2x daily and 10mg Valium 2x/day to supplement the Xanax, adderral 40mg in a.m. & 20mg at noon, trazadone 150mg at bedtime for sleep. I have recently moved to Cleveland, OH and and only on celexa right now that I have left over. I will be going back to school & work soon and need to get back on track and find a psychiatrist in the downtown area that I can get into and seen as quickly as possible and need some referrals if anyone can recommend someone, preferably a male Dr. I have applied for Medicaid but have not been approved or denied yet and will be a self-pay client. Does anyone know of a psychiatrist in the downtown area who is accepting new patients and who you would recommend based on personal experience? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much!! Jennifer M