Gabapentin or Lyrica? I live on SSI and can not afford a cost of $400.00 a month for a prescription of 30 pills. I have taken gabapentin and it does not help me with the pain in my feet and legs. There must be other medication that work on the nerves in the feet and can bring me relief for the pain and cramps I get in my feet and legs. I need to get a prescription that comes in generic so the cost will be affordable to me. Because I get SSI I am told that I do not qualify for a reduction of cost or of the medicine or the special discount card that I would receive if I qualified. Is there some other way that I can receive the medicine Lyrica for free to be sent to me from the company that makes the drug. Can the company that makes the drug send me coupons or the discount card that I can use to buy the drug if my doctor decides to prescribe the medication for me. I have taken other pain medication and it does not get rid of the pain in my feet and legs. I look forward to you answering my questions in the hope that you can help me with getting relief of this terrible disease.

Thank you