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I live in the Kansas City area. Where can I find the generic Aciphex ?

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kaismama 9 Dec 2013

Any pharmacy should be able to get it if you have a prescription for it.

Random Patient 9 Feb 2014

You may need to call around, you may get lied to by the big chains. The answer is yes of course we have____ not listening to what you are really asking. I have had the unpleasantness of " Sure we have that and by that manufacture" for certain medications. Only to get there and have the same person start trying to back peddle and lie saying when asked specifically "Did the have _____ by ____ in stock?" and that they said yes.. this happened after finally getting a ride to find out what a liar the pharmacist was small chain, lied just like the Walmart, Target, Walgreen, larger ones did.

Just trying to dupe the patient and get their prescription and press them for payment. Because pharmacies can be real *keeping family friendly but uses your own dirty obscene words here* about returning your prescription to go elsewhere and they will have marked it up as filled... Making your life more hellish and difficult.

Sabrina1234 5 Nov 2014

Ask for rabeprazole , generic aciphex free discount card

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