My husband is an alcoholic and has just been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. We have been together for 30 years and has been a heavy drinker for most of those years. He is still drinking alcohol but not as much as he used to he has a swollen stomach with fluid and goes yellow. I like a drink and have been drunk in the past but when I have been out but when I am at home I don't need a drink I can control my drink. My husband cannot stop drinking. I feel angry because for years I have told him he will end up with a bad liver but he doesn't listen and although he has cirrhosis he still drinks. His GP has told him that if he doesn't stop drinking he will die within 6 to 8 months. I love him dearly but it is hard to cope with because he is selfish and doesn't care how I feel. I have decided that I can't nag him to stop because he won't listen. I sometimes hate him because now I live day to day wondering if he will wake up in the morning and I hate that feeling I hate him because we can't do what we want anymore when we go out because he is ill and wants to come home. I am unhappy and sometimes I want to leave him and be happy but I have tried that and although it was only a few days I was worried about him. When I came back he had not had a wash, he stank, he was spaced out, he hadn't been taking his tablets. I feel trapped and depressed half the time and all I ask is to be Happy. I do love him dearly but I can't help feeling angry with him. WHAT DO I DO? I need to hear from someone who is going through the same and need advice I feel so alone.