Okay so I've been feeling very sick lately for a little over a week now.
On my right side abdominal area I can feel little bumps that sometimes hurt, not bad though. I have cramps on my right side that range from dull feeling, to a pressured feeling, to sometimes sharp, and back aches on the right as well. I've been a little bloated lately, nausea that comes and goes, fatigued, very constipated, I get full fast, like I'll be pretty hungry feeling but I'll only eat a little bit and then be full feeling. My belly button feels weird, like its a dull tingling feeling sometimes it a dull aching feeling.

I was on the birth control Depo Provera but it gave me so many side effects that I switched to the pill Junel Fe while still on the last month of my Depo shot.

I have no idea what is going on right now.