Im somewhat hesitant about starting on Depakote Ive been prescribed 250mg, 3 times per day by my psychiatrist just over a week ago, I took 1 when got them, then another 1 before bedtime, I found myself improving same night, now I know its nothing to do with the med, its way too soon, but I was impressed there were no side effects, as when I tried Serequel SR 300mg it was horrendous, and had to come it after only two nights, and second night was on only half that dose at 150mg. I think what gave me the improvements straight away was coming back to normality, whatever normality is for someone with Bipolar that is, so Im now very reluctant to begin with Depakote though my psychiatrist wants me too.
I am also a Born Again Christian woman, have been for the past 11years now, and I do also believe much prayer was answered for me, though I am not one of those Christians who think doctors and surgeons are unnecessary, quite the opposite, what they possess is a God given talent as we are not all called to be those special people in our walk of life.
Any help replied with would be very gratefully and appreciated by me.

Thanking you extremely for your time taken to read this composition.

I do still have some issues Im aware of from the Bipolar though, i find it very hard to concentrate, very hard to sleep, im very talkative, although thats not normally how I am, normally im more shy, and prefer to text or write than talk.
All help given as ive said will be greatly appreciated, as some of you have been on this med for sometime.