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Is lithium safe for bipolar?

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kaismama 31 May 2013

Lithium is for bi polar disorder. Its as safe as any other med.

ironmaidn 31 May 2013

Hello. Yes, Lithium is extremely safe for Bipolar. I am Bipolar and have been on it since 2004. Working with your MD to get the right milligram dosage is key though.

Blondy77 31 May 2013

My doc asked if I wante to try switching from seroquel to lithium and I've done some research and just not sure. I hear so much good and bad. Like it can be toxic and mess up your thyroid, etc. I'm confused, and I'm doing on on seroquel for about 6 yrs off and on, but it's made me gain tons of weight and so sleepy in mornings. But then again it helps me do much sleeping at night! I try to go down on dosage to make me less sleepy during morning and it helps but then I can't get to sleep for awhile and then I stay up to late and eat since it makes me a bottomless pit!!

ironmaidn 1 Jun 2013

Seroquel is an anti-psychotic and does work well as I used to take for sleep as well but honestly the weight gain on that was no fun. Lithium is a mood stabilizer. I have taken both at same time and it was a good combination. I do have blood work every 3 months to check the lithium level in my blood. Your MD will probably moniter you. Best wishes to you. I know finding the right medications can be frustrating. free discount card

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