Sorry if this is TLDR

a. I take both lithium and brand name lamictal.

b. Generic lamictal increased depression, lethargy, excessive crying. This is reported behavior with a minority of generic lamictal users.

c. Lithium Worked great until I went up to 900mg which resulted in anaphylactic shock - extreme labored shortness of breath when taken with norco. I have never had any type of allergic reaction to norco, never.

d. Uncontrollable anxiety after taking 900mg and beyond.

e. Despite the anxiety, we took the dose all the way up to 1500 and breathing and anxiety were at it's all time worst. I tried to "hang in there" taking gobs of xanax and gabapentin to keep from losing my mind, but eventually we dropped my dose all the way down to 600mg and the anxiety went away. Breathing was still an issue, but whats more I can't get a med to work without some stupid depressions occurring.

Since taking Lithium I have had conflicts with meds resulting in either severe depression/anxiety, or breathing problems.

The following are the meds I've taken that have had major interactions with lithium -

a. Buspar
b. Seroquel
c. Clonidine
d. Guanfacine
e. Strattera (never had an issue before drinking the lithium milkshake)
f. norco
g. Brand name Lamictal.

Been doing great with brand name lamictal for five days. It removed a good chunk of my depression within 3 hours of taking it the first day. On the 5th day of brand name lamictal, I felt like bi-polar symptoms were returning, so I titrated from 25mg to 50mg (bad idea, I know. Rash). I started getting more depressed than normal and then dropped my lithium dose to 150mg to see if that may help. It appears to have helped but I am still more depressed than normal as of today.

Finally, here is my question. I'm sick of lithium and its predictable unpredictability. I believe it is the cause of all the med failures I've had in the past 6 months. I can't believe brand name lamictal is causing the current depression with the past track record I have with lithium. Breathing problems are mostly resolved by taking benadryl. Does anyone think at 150mgs I could still be having an allergic reaction to lithium and that it's still enough to create depression interactions with lamictal brand name? The only common denominator is lithium in all of this mess. Lithium must die! :-)

Any help would so greatly be appreciated!