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Has Lithium posed any negative side effects for anyone?

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jagry1999 3 Apr 2013

The most common side effects are an overall dazed feeling and a fine tremor of hands; also nausea and headache.

Inactive 3 Apr 2013

Hello aristudent psych1. In as negative side effects, lithium carries it share in the treatment of manic depression known more recently as bi-polar affective disorder. Thyroid function is a common negative. Regards pledge

daggypants 4 Apr 2013

I have lost a lot of hair, it's really thinned out, and I don't really think the lithium is helping me anymore, it was good in the beginning, but now I feel like I was before the lithium. Hope it helps you.

smileyhappy 5 Apr 2013

Hi there,

I'm on Lithium with Manerix. I had a major depression and it took the doctors 6 months to find me something that worked. I had tremors really bad at the beginning. Could not write my name and had trouble holding a beverage. It went away eventually. A year after I had hypothyroid. I needed to take Synthroid to balance my thyroid. When you are on Lithium you are supposed to get your blood checked often to make sure your levels are o.k. These drugs are a life saver for me. I have my family and life back now because of them. If it works for you, I wish you the best!

Take care,

JJSmile 21 Jun 2013

Have been using it for 6 years in combination witk AD/AP. All those time I had difficulties with my muscles wich ended when I stopped taking the Lithium. A second opinion prof gave me this advice.

smileyhappy 22 Jun 2013

Hi A P,

When I started Lithium 6 years ago I had trembling really bad. I had to use two hands to hold my coffee. I could not sign my name at all. It took a few months for that to go away completely. A year after I became hypothyroid. But I have to tell you it took 6 months before the doctors found something that worked for me. I love Lithium. I take it with Manerix for major depression witch I no longer have or had since 6 years ago. I find them miracle drugs for me! I have my life back again and feel even better then when I didn't have the depression even.

Good luck and take care, free discount card

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