Bipolar and BPD are often confused. I've looked up my symptoms and criteria for both. I fit BPD but am not impulsive, suicidal, and do not self harm. I think i am misdiagnosed and i can't let it go. If i am BPD and not bipolar 2, would I still take lithium. I am diagnosed with anxiety, major depression, and bipolar 2 disorder (which I think is a misdiagnosis). I take Lithium, levothyroxine, Wellbutrin, and Pristiq. My mood pattern fits more with BPD or an ultra-ultra rapid cycling bipolar. I go from depressed and anxious to very irritable to giddy within hours due to external factors like conflicts in interpersonal relationships. I overreact and get over things quickly. I don't feel "on top of the world" So bipolar mania, and even hypomania, doesn't seem to fit. I know Lithium supposedly helps with mood. I keep wondering if there are better medications for my symptoms. Does anyone have similar issues? Does anyone have Major Depression and BPD? If so, what medications (if any) do you take? How do I know if Lithium is working? I strongly believe there is a better treatment option. If anyone has advice, wisdom, credible sources, personal experience, etc, please respond.