I had a psychotic episode and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. Started lithium 900mg daily at therapeutic level. Lithium seems to have been working wonders on my psychosis as my thoughts and behavior have been back to normal. But it significantly affected my thinking abilities. I have become very stupid. I have zero confidence in securing a suitable employment. I used to work as a lawyer s assistant, doing paperwork in the office. Now I can't seem to comprehend the submissions I used to prepare. I'm very frustrated with the side effects. But I definitely can't stop lithium to become crazy again.

Other than that, and slightly increased appetite, lithium seems to be fine. Has anyone experienced the same? Can this be resulted from the 900mg dosage? But the way, my bloods done regularly showed no abnormalities with the dosage physically.

Any solutions to get back some levels of intelligence so that I might be able to get an office job as before?