I have been taking 600 mg of lithium for 1.5 months, after taking it at 750mg for one year. My issue is that I have been feeling so emotionally detached, not motivated and in such psychic pain from this dose that I have feel suicidal within the past couple days. A couple weeks ago I lowered the dose to 450mg and felt fine, and then because I ran out of the 450mg pill size I lowered it again to 300mg. I have felt more joy on the 300mg than I have the entire year on the 750mg, but had some breakthrough manic symptoms. To recover from this, I upped it back to 600mg until the doc appointment, but then felt so much mental and emotional distress from the upping I had to call the crisis hotline. I am thinking that after this experience, my ideal lithium dose is 450mg. Is there anyone out there who has done well on 450mg long term? I am hoping the doc will be able to prescribe this dose. I also have a few 450 pills left to use until I can figure out an emergency appointment.