... full left lobe was found "accidentally" on chest ct scan in April. Unfortunately the biopsies prior to surgery were inconclusive for some reason so we still do not know what it was. (Yay waiting games!) But even more unfortunate, my post op team was a nightmare! My husband and i were treated horribly from the minute i woke up to the extent it was best to get me out as soon as possible. (Formal complaint will be filled!) I never even spoke to my surgeon after. The nurse was horrible! (She even took away my ice & the pad i was to use to hold over my incision when i coughed) But i was not given even a single page of discharge instructions. I was given a 7 day script for synthroid but no explanation on even what it was (we had to google to see what it was). I was told to call my dr monday morning to get a full prescription. But in the meantime... what the heck is happening to me? I feel so lost & added with post op pain & nauseous after my taking the synthroid & i still feel like im drugged & i really dont know whats "normal" & what to expect. I really appreciate any advice! Thank you in advance!