I have taken these drugs for 8 years for high BP am 59, cancer survivor and I can barely move, only 15 minutes at a time before I know will pass out. I get them tonight when my husband returns, have run out before but only for a day or 2, this time a week, should I just resume taking or go directly to urgent care tomorrow, weak, can hardly breathe, wobbly legs, and was so nauseated began the vomit scene. I cannot take one more day of this, maybe that dose has become too much or my body just does not want it anymore. the unbearable headaches too, sweating, itching of my head, can't do anything for more than 15 minutes like I said, have to IMMEDIATELY lay down or I will be out on the floor and I am 5'10 150 so that would not be good at all, this is the worst thing ever and I am almost embarrassed to go to urgent care! Thank you for your advice in advance.