This drug is being prescribed to me in liquid form to use under my tongue as needed at .5 mg - 2mg... for now. I can get very, very manic. I suffer from Bi-polar and have for years. I am on Celexa (40 mg daily), low dose lithium ( 50 mgs daily) and clonazapam (2mg daily)... I STILL have manic cycles that are horrible to live with and at times , unsafe because I am very agitated and angry. I have done ALL I CAN to fight this problem. Exercise, eat right, hobbies etc... nothing is changing the fact that I feel another person lives inside of me very 5-6 weeks. I am SICK of this. I went in WHILE I was in a manic state (purposely) so that my doctor could SEE IT FOR HERSELF. She immediately prescribed this drug. I hope it helps. GOD I HOPE THIS HELPS! I am getting OFF of Celexa and Lithium and will try Geodon? and still take Clonazapan. so... any thoughts? I know the contraindications with Haldol and Celexa... but again..I am getting off Celexa and will take only 20 mg for now... while taking Haldol (0.5 mg) I DO have a history of arrhythmia... not often but it happens on occasion. So... any thoughts? Should I be worried at all??? I just need to calm down when I am "manic" for 3 days straight. I need to feel not so angry and rageful. If you were to meet me on a normal day... you wouldn't believe I'm the same person. :(