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Liquid Co-Q10 - is Qunol Liquid CoQ10 a good brand to take?

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Marvell 19 Jan 2011

I haven't used it but have heard that it is a good formulation of CoQ10.

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caringsonbj 19 Jan 2011

I think I have heard but not sure I am basing this on the fact that one thing it may have going for it is it is a liquid and may enter the blood I am not totally sure to be honest but haven't heard any bad things if you are uncertain please run it by the doctor because if you are on other medications then its something that might or might not make a difference

MTherbalist 31 Mar 2011

YES, it is water soluble! So, you absorb 100% of it. Others on the market are fat(lipid)soluble and you do not absorb all of it. Qunol is rec. by many health care profs.

cocoloba 31 Mar 2011

As its a liquid its will be absorbed quickly however as it doesn't say on the literature whether its ubiquinol or ubiquinone . It is probably the latter which is not the best form of CoQ10 ubiquinol is the reduced form and is the best out of the two however its likely to be over twice as much in cost free discount card

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