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What are some liquid anti-anxiety medications?

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Lorelle59 18 Dec 2013

My mom had terrible anxiety and was prescibed haloperidol or haldol. You take by dropper under the tongue. It really helped her. She was on dialysis and couldn't sit still. Good luck to you .

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DzooBaby 18 Dec 2013

Quite a few meds are available in liquid form or elixirs for oral (by mouth) use. Ask your pharmacist and/or physician.

Hi_My_Names_Beyond 7 May 2018

Short and blunt. I was on all medications other than Librium but I am fine. I take 30MGs of Valium a day and it doesn't phase me. I also have Epilepsy, all I do is work and bust my ass to in shape, The only other thing I could recommend is (Buspar)Buspirone. I really wish this was helpful.

WildcatVet 7 May 2018

Hi, JS! If you can't find what you're looking for find yourself a compounding pharmacist/chemist. They can make a liquid formulation out of most medications except a few timed-release ones.
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