About 25 years ago, I thought I had a zit under my nose. It slowly has gotten larger. It started growing this spring and it seems to be sitting on a nerve that runs through my mouth. I have severe IBS-and for years- doctors were worried about internal bleeding. I can't handle the smallest bit of acetaminophen. I get really sick-dizzy, need to hang on the wall when I walk, lose my hearing-- any suggestions--about what to refuse. I hope that I don't have to go through it with only self-hypnotism. My surgeon scheduled this at the beginning of the week so I can get hold of her. Now everyone says it should've been removed earlier. Before-they said insurance wouldn't cover it-the biopsy fees would be too high-it was too little-put some cosmetics on it-they didn't know what it could be-maybe I'd die before it became a problem-maybe it would come back after removal. My dentist-i had a normal dental exam 3 days before I saw my PC-
X-Rayed it and he said that he hadn't seen anything like it- It's sort of in my nose and I hadn't complained to him. It isn't going through any tissue. My plastic surgeon is about 45 and she says that she's never seen anything like it. It's larger than a pea- round- it's greenish white-looks like spoiled meat-is frm and isn't connected to any tissue. So any ideas of what it could be and what should be a good pain killer--